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This website is a portfolio for Ryan Bown.
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About Me

I am working on my bachelors degree and working full time. Check out my GitHub or my LinkedIn


Learn more about the projects that I have completed or currently working on.

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About This Site

This name started as a fictional company in my Business Comminications class

What I do

I am an IT Generalists. I have the knowledge to program scripts in Python, bash, powershell, create applications in C#, query data in SQL, run servers on a hypervisor and have guest in Windows or Linux, work on Windows, Mac or Linux desktops and troubleshoot hardware issues.


I currently can program in Python, C#, SQL, HTML5, SQL, CSS, and Jacascript


Knowledge in working with Active Directory and GPOs, experience in preventing and eliminating malware, and with UTM systems


Experience in creating custom programs or scripts to help deal with an issue or make imporovements upon existing software.

Computing Hardware

Currently CompTIA A+ certified, built my computer, and have built other computers, troubleshoot and fixed computer hard issues

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